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What is a Tournament Planning SchedulePrintable

A planning schedule for a tournament is a PRELIMINARY GUESSTIMATE of the number of games that will be available at what times on which days of the tournament. IT IS NOT A SCHEDULE OF ACTUAL GAMES. The purpose of posting a planning schedule is for you to tell the assignors what days and what times you are available to officiate during the tournament. You do that by putting your name in for a HYPOTHETICAL GAME on days and times you are available. The assignors use that information to assign you to the real games when the real tournament game schedule is available. So why is a planning schedule useful? Tournaments have a large number of games on any given day. The real tournament game schedule is in a state of flux until a relatively few days before the tournament actually starts. So the assignors have very little time to plug people into officiating slots. The Planning Schedule gives the assignors the information they need to do that -- namely who is available and when?