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Match# TeamTerm TeamID
Date - ClientTerm multiple
Day LocationTerm
TimeTerm FieldTerm
LeagueTerm Authority multiple Priority
LevelTerm multiple Season multiple Sort By
DivisionTerm multiple Gender multiple Action   reset Printable
1850907/21/2019Sun7:00 amCrossfire Foundation560A(ra)Field Assignor vs 7:00 AM - 12:00 PM vs Accept
1856377/21/2019Sun8:00 amCrossfire FoundationU13Super60A( 4)Hawaii Rush Big Island vs Oregon Premiere FC vs AcceptAcceptAccept
1856387/21/2019Sun8:00 amCrossfire FoundationU13Super60A( 9)Pacific Northwest SC B07 ECNL vs Crossfire Premier vs AcceptAcceptAccept
185648notes7/21/2019Sun8:00 amCrossfire FoundationU10Super60A(11A)Wildcard #2 vs Wildcard #3 vs Accept
185646notes7/21/2019Sun8:00 amCrossfire FoundationU10Super60A(11B)Wildcard #1 vs Wildcard #4 vs Accept
185647notes7/21/2019Sun8:00 amCrossfire FoundationU9Super60A(11C)Wildcard #1 vs Wildcard #4 vs Accept
185649notes7/21/2019Sun8:00 amCrossfire FoundationU9Super60A(11D)Wildcard #2 vs Wildcard #3 vs Accept
1856397/21/2019Sun8:00 amCrossfire FoundationU12Super60A(13B)Seattle United vs Supra Academy vs Accept
1856407/21/2019Sun8:00 amCrossfire FoundationU11Super60A(14A)FWFC vs WASHINGTON PREMIER FC vs Accept
1856417/21/2019Sun8:00 amCrossfire FoundationU12Gold60A(16A)PacNW vs Eastside Timbers vs Accept
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