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Please select the MatchMatch that you would like to review by specifying the appropriate Criteria and clicking "Show". You can see the detail for any EKCSRA Match by clicking on the Match Number in the first column of the results list (including the names of the referee(s) assigned, if the Match is in the next 10 days).

Matches Criteria
Match# TeamTeam TeamID
Date - ClientClient multiple
Day multiple LocationLocation multiple
TimeTime multiple FieldField multiple
LeagueLeague Authority multiple Priority
LevelLevel multiple Season multiple Sort By
DivisionDivision multiple Gender multiple Action   Site Printable
36671612/6/2023Wed7:15 pmRedmond ParksO232Grasslawn 1Head(er) Game Strong (BLACK) vs Grass Kickers (Linn)(BLACK) vs Accept
367907notes12/6/2023Wed7:15 pmRedmond ParksO232Grasslawn 1Grasskickers (Fredrickson)(GREEN) vs Brewventus (WHITE/BLACK) vs Open
36790812/6/2023Wed7:15 pmRedmond ParksO232Perrigo 1Grasskickers (Fredrickson)(GREEN) vs Brewventus (WHITE/BLACK) vs Accept
36673812/7/2023Thu7:15 pmRedmond ParksO401Grasslawn 1Young Boys Redmond (YELLOW) vs Mexico (GREEN) vs AcceptAcceptAccept
36673912/7/2023Thu9:00 pmRedmond ParksO401Grasslawn 1Jaguars FC (GREEN/WHITE) vs Tomodachi United (ORANGE) vs AcceptAcceptAccept
36788012/9/2023Sat9:00 amMIFCU141Islander MSMIFC B10 Maroon vs Crossfire Select B10 C201104009 vs AcceptAcceptAccept
36772012/9/2023Sat9:00 amSnvYSAU111Jeanne Hansen 1Cascade FC G13 Green vs NSC G13BCG11-0005 vs AcceptAcceptAccept
36778012/9/2023Sat9:00 amLWYSAU114Marymoor 5Crossfire Select G13 B vs NSC G13D vs AcceptOpenOpen
36788212/9/2023Sat9:00 amMIFCU122South Mercer East 1AMIFC G12 Maroon vs Rainier Soccer Alliance Elite G12 Black201104005 vs Accept
36786912/9/2023Sat9:00 amBUFCU122Woodridge ElemBUFC G12 Blue vs Southlake Select G12 White201101011 vs Accept
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