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Match# TeamTeam TeamID
Date - ClientClient multiple
Day multiple LocationLocation multiple
TimeTime multiple FieldField multiple
LeagueLeague Authority multiple Priority
LevelLevel multiple Season multiple Sort By
DivisionDivision multiple Gender multiple Action   Site Printable
358982notes5/31/2023Wed7:15 pmRedmond ParksO232Grasslawn 1Grass Kickers (Linn)(BLACK) vs Head(er) Game Strong (BLACK) vs Accept
3590645/31/2023Wed9:00 pmRedmond ParksO232Grasslawn 1 Wasted Talent (WHITE/BLACK) vs Practice Squad (RED) vs Accept
3420936/1/2023Thu12:00 pmSnvYSAU101Chief Kanim MSadfasf vs asdf awr vs Open
3584746/1/2023Thu7:15 pmRedmond ParksO401Grasslawn 1Mexico (GREEN) vs Young Boys Redmond (YELLOW) vs AcceptAcceptAccept
3584756/1/2023Thu9:00 pmRedmond ParksO401Grasslawn 1Jaguars FC (GREEN/WHITE) vs Real FC (RED) vs AcceptAcceptAccept
3584546/7/2023Wed7:15 pmRedmond ParksO232Grasslawn 1Grass Kickers (Linn)(BLACK) vs Grasskickers (Fredrickson)(GREEN) vs Accept
3584556/7/2023Wed7:15 pmRedmond ParksO232Perrigo 2Practice Squad (RED) vs Wasted Talent (WHITE/BLACK) vs Accept
3584566/7/2023Wed9:00 pmRedmond ParksO232Grasslawn 1Head(er) Game Strong (BLACK) vs Positions Optional (WHITE) vs Accept
358476notes6/8/2023Thu7:15 pmRedmond ParksO401Grasslawn 1Real FC (RED) vs Mexico (GREEN) vs AcceptAcceptAccept
358477notes6/8/2023Thu9:00 pmRedmond ParksO401Grasslawn 1Young Boys Redmond (YELLOW) vs Jaguars FC (GREEN/WHITE) vs AcceptAcceptAccept
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