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Match# TeamTeam TeamID
Date - ClientClient multiple
Day multiple LocationLocation multiple
TimeTime multiple FieldField multiple
LeagueLeague Authority multiple Priority
LevelLevel multiple Season multiple Sort By
DivisionDivision multiple Gender multiple Action   reset Printable
3402639/18/2021Sat8:30 amLWYSAU10160A(18B)E '12 Tigers vs J '12 Mighty Pandas207144901 vs 207144309AcceptOpenOpen
3402649/18/2021Sat8:30 amLWYSAU10160A(18C)UH '12 Gold (Hartpence) vs E '12 Lime (McCarthy)207144032 vs 207144024AcceptOpenOpen
3402659/18/2021Sat9:00 amLWYSAU13R160A( 1)K'09 Lightning vs LHSC Internationals B09207144002 vs 201103200AcceptOpenOpen
3402669/18/2021Sat9:00 amLWYSAU15R160A( 2)UH '07 Orange Crush vs Snoqualmie FC G07 Coughran207144087 vs 215235053Accept
3402689/18/2021Sat9:00 amLWYSAU12160A(11)Crossfire Select B10 Black (Supinski) vs Valor Select B10 Select A Moody102968281 vs 102970711AcceptOpenOpen
3402699/18/2021Sat9:00 amLWYSAU11160A(13A)UH '11 BC Girl Grizzlies vs J '11 Dragons207144264 vs 207144300Accept
3402709/18/2021Sat9:00 amLWYSAU11160A(13B)E '11 Lightning vs K '11 Grizzlies207144050 vs 207144044Accept
3402719/18/2021Sat9:00 amLWYSAU12160A(16A)E '10 Crazy Bananas vs K '10 Lightning Stars207144227 vs 207144060AcceptOpenOpen
3402729/18/2021Sat9:00 amLWYSAU12160A(16B)UH '10 Flying Ninja's vs E '10 Panthers207144747 vs 207144074AcceptOpenOpen
3417409/18/2021Sat9:00 amLWYSAU10460A(17A)XF B12 RCL 4 vs Sound FC - B12B vs 210188251AcceptOpenOpen
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