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Match# TeamTerm TeamID
Date - ClientTerm multiple
Day LocationTerm
TimeTerm FieldTerm
LeagueTerm Authority multiple Priority
LevelTerm multiple Season multiple Sort By
DivisionTerm multiple Gender multiple Action   reset Printable
1816535/22/2019Wed7:00 pmWSWSAO401Marymoor 1Seattle's Last Call vs Blue Rebels vs Accept
1816545/22/2019Wed7:00 pmWSWSAO402Marymoor 2Fury vs Fab 50 vs Accept
1814325/22/2019Wed7:15 pmRedmond ParksO232Grasslawn 1Useful Shot (WHITE/BLACK) vs Juve B vs Accept
1814335/22/2019Wed7:15 pmRedmond ParksO232Perrigo 1Positions Optional (GREEN) vs Jaguars RFC (LIME GREEN) vs Accept
1814345/22/2019Wed9:00 pmRedmond ParksO232Grasslawn 1Grass Kickers (BLACK) vs AT&T Sea2Sky (AT&T BLUE) vs Accept
1814355/22/2019Wed9:00 pmRedmond ParksO232Perrigo 1Landsharks (BLUE) vs FCRP (WHITE) vs Accept
1814735/23/2019Thu7:15 pmRedmond ParksO401Grasslawn 1Transylvania (BLUE) vs Mersey Blues (ROYAL BLUE) vs AcceptAcceptAccept
1814745/23/2019Thu8:45 pmRedmond ParksO401Perrigo 1Jaguars RFC (LIME GREEN) vs Real FC (ORANGE) vs AcceptAcceptAccept
1814755/23/2019Thu9:00 pmRedmond ParksO401Grasslawn 1Young Boys Redmond (ORANGE) vs Stinad FC (YELLOW) vs AcceptAcceptAccept
1816555/29/2019Wed7:00 pmWSWSAO502Marymoor 1Fury vs Soccer Nutts vs Accept
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